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اس حصّے کا اردو ترجمہ زیر تکمیل ہے ، آپ کی سہولت کیلئے اس کا انگلش ترجمہ پیش خدمت ہے ۔

Trusteeship Board:

Like other international academic institution around the world, Al-Mustafa International University is formed by a trusteeship board in order to guide and supervise the activities of the university. The board members consist of real and legal entities who are active in Ahl-e Bayt’s (a.s) teachings and culture.

Each year, the members assess academic and research activities of university and approve their proposals for the next academic year.

Trusteeship members are:


Individual Members:

1. Ayatollah Moqtadayee

2. Ayatollah Bushehri

3. Ayatollah Taskhiri

4. Hojat Al-Islam Val Muslemin Mohamadi Eraqi

5. Hojat Al-Islam Val Muslemin Rabbani Khorasani

6. Hojat Al-Islam Val Muslemin Navvab

7. Hojat Al-Islam Val Muslemin Mahdavi Mehr

8. Mr. Ahari Mostafavi


Ex Officio Members:

1. Ayatollah A’arafi

2. Ayatollah Araki

3. Hojat Al-Islam Val Muslemin Akhtari

4. Dr. Torkaman

5. Ayatollah Shab Zendedar

6. Hojat Al-Islam Val Muslemin Qomi